About Tom Stratman

Mr. Thomas (Tom) Stratman has been working successfully in the branded and private label Dietary Supplement space since 1988. He is passionate about professionally serving the dietary supplement industry and maintains that the industry can only thrive by maintaining high quality across all sectors of the enterprise. He has held senior level sales & marketing positions with such companies as Hoffmann-LaRoche, Tishcon Corp.Inner Armour, Pacific Health Labs, Pinnacle Sports, TwinLab. He founded in 2006 a full service consulting firm specializing in technical services for manufacturers and marketers of dietary supplements. Mr. Stratman hold a B.S. degree in Biological Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati. He is also a former graduate assistant for Dale Carnegie Training and is involved in several community based service projects in the Tampa-St Petersburg area. He and his life partner Deborah, reside in St. Petersburg, FL.

Importation of Conventional Foods into the U.S.


There are opportunities for overseas specialty food manufacturers and brands to successfully launch products in the U.S. American consumers continue to embrace imported quality food products. Nutrition 50 has the experience and expertise to help small or medium-size companies overseas with successfully registering and gaining the import approvals at a lower cost.

Registering with the FDA.

Overseas […]

GMP Compliance for Brand Marketers and Distributors

Are you a small to medium sized dietary supplement marketer? Do you have a warehouse where you store and ship dietary supplements or functional foods to your customers?. Do  You have contract manufacturers that provide you with product?  Do you have cGMP Standard operating procedures written and in place for your operation.  Are they kept […]

US FDA Rules: Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

The US FDA has imposed new rules that change the current construct of the Nutrition Facts Panel For Conventional Foods. Companies with less than 10mm in Annual revenue have until July of 2021 to comply. Businesses with greater that 10mm must comply by July of 2020.

Here is a summary of the changes: […]

Hemp producers and Food Safety Certifications

The hemp industry is booming here in the U.S. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 was a proposed law to remove hemp (defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC) from Schedule I controlled substances and making it an ordinary agricultural commodity. Its provisions were incorporated in the 2018 United States farm bill that became law on December 20, 2018. […]

The increasing regulatory requirements for dietary supplement and Functional food manufacturers has many marketers and brands not thinking globally.

The smaller and innovative companies often do not have the personnel or knowledge bank to handle and successfully provide the ever-increasing document load to gain import approvals..It can be very time-consuming and often the “paper trail” is so multi-faceted that it seems to be “not worthwhile”.   Health Ministry approvals can take a long time,  sometimes […]

FDACS discontinued issuance of all export certificates, including the Certificate of Free Sale, on December 31, 2018. GMP Certificates no longer issued by the Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDAC) leaves some Supplement Companies without Certification for Export.

Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services

So at this time, even if these operations have FDA GMP Compliant standards as outlined in the CFR 21 Part 111 for dietary supplements and part 110 for foods with the written documentation and employee training manuals in-house, they now must go to a third party certification company. In […]

The Hemp regulatory environment is very much in a dynamic environment. AHPA releases new guidance policy for supplements and foods containing hemp-derived CBD

click here for article https://bit.ly/2HTQhJR

Many Supplement Marketers are not CFR 21 Part 111 Compliant


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines within the dietary supplement category can be found in the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 21, part 111, and  for Foods in Part 110.  Essentially, these are  basic guidelines to  provide a road map to constructing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and the documentations required for compliance.  These include, but are […]

Warning About High Protein Intake Nonsense from Nutraingredients USA


US Sports Nutrition Companies still need an OFAC license to do business with Iran

The U.S. is lifting its nuclear sanctions on Iran as part of the landmark deal, but many business sanctions will remain in place. It will still be almost impossible for most U.S. businesses to set up a physical presence in Iran or partner with Iranian companies.
In contrast, Europe is opening up almost all trade with […]