If you are, you will be required one way or another, in the near future to comply with CFR 21 Part 110 or 111, for Food or Dietary Supplements. If you are a brand, not manufacturing your product offerings, you will need:

  • Subpart M Holding and Distributing
  • Subpart N Returned Finished Goods
  • Subpart O Product Complaints

CFSAN Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS)

If you are a manufacturer, you will need complete cGMP documentation & management system. I work with small & medium-sized companies that wish to continue their growth in this category.If the FDA or other regulatory agencies show up at the door of your business they will be asking for this documentation.And of course, as humans, we naturally think that having this documentation  is never a problem, until it’s a problem.”In reality, the investment cost to obtain these for your business when you look at it as insurance against the risk, it is a very small price to pay given that the documentation once in place assures your compliance.I am currently writing cGMP documentation for several companies in our space. They are very affordable. Just email me or call me.  #cbdsafety #cbdmanufacture #cbdoils #qualitycontrol #hemp #gmpcompliance #supplierapproval