Mr. Thomas (Tom) Stratman has been working successfully in the branded and private label Dietary Supplement space since 1988. He is passionate about professionally serving the dietary supplement industry and maintains that the industry can only thrive by maintaining high quality across all sectors of the enterprise.

He has held senior-level technical and sales & marketing positions with such companies as  Hoffmann-LaRoche,  Tishcon Corp. Inner Armour, Pacific Health Labs, Pinnacle Sports, and TwinLab. He founded Nutrition 50 in 2006, a full-service consulting firm specializing in technical services for manufacturers and marketers of dietary supplements.

Mr. Stratman holds a B.S. degree in Biological Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati. He is also a certified NASM Strength  & Conditioning Professional and teaches both senior group classes and indoor cycling for the Suncoast YMCA.   He  resides in St. Petersburg, FL. area.