GMP Compliance for Brand Marketers and Distributors

Are you a small to medium sized dietary supplement marketer? Do you have a warehouse where you store and ship dietary supplements or functional foods to your customers?. Do  You have contract manufacturers that provide you with product?  Do you have cGMP Standard operating procedures written and in place for your operation.  Are they kept […]

CBD Processors, Cultivators, Extractors Why cGMP?

Hemp Processing About Standard Operating Procedures and cGMP Compliance.

Currently in the CBD Oil processing space there is a need for those companies to create SOP’s to structure and ensure the safety of their finished product. There are over 15 sections or chapters that need to be written to comply with the standards set by the FDA here in the U.S. as well as […]

Supplement-boosted plant-based diets meet sports nutrition needs, study says.

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As the category has expanded into a more “lifestyle-fitness approach, the benefits of vegan-based protein sources are becoming more evident in this category. While whey protein is still the champion of Protein digestibility scores and biological value, this trend is powerful and product palatability is key. Nutrition 50 […]

Are you a manufacturer or processer of hemp derived Consumer Products?

Batch Record means Manufacturing documentation, packaging documentation, and exception documentation, such as a non-conformance report, Deviation Report and Certificate of Analysis, and additional documentation, which may have been processed as part of the production and packaging records of the Batch; as defined in 21 CFR part 110 and/or 111, or other certifying bodies as specified […]

Are you a CBD manufacturer or brand?

If you are, you will be required one way or another, in the near future to comply with CFR 21 Part 110 or 111, for Food or Dietary Supplements. If you are a brand, not manufacturing your product offerings, you will need:

Subpart M Holding and Distributing
Subpart N Returned Finished Goods
Subpart O Product […]

The Gulf in CBD product quality laid bare as calls for tighter controls amplify

This is also a fairly large issue in the general dietary supplement market with smaller manufacturers not complying with cGMP regulations. It really isn’t just hemp’. Nutrition 50 is currently writing cGMP documents for smaller manufacturers who understand they need compliance. We do at a lower cost and with a more customized approach helping to […]

Do you receive inquiries from overseas?

Importation documentation can be very time consuming and requires in many cases authentications and apostilles from states and sovereign consulates.  I have been working in the international sector for over 15 years. Selling your offerings overseas once you get through the registration process can be a very lucrative channel broadening your revenue portfolio.   Nutrition 50 […]

Hemp Oil processing and Consumer Product manufacturing.

It is apparent that the regulatory front is accelerating in this category. There are safety concerns and smaller entities are producing products with no cGMP documentation in place. That means that if you are a smaller producer without documented quality systems in place, you are at risk. Additionally, to be able to improve and grow […]

Do you have an idea for a new product in the functional food or Dietary Supplement Category?

Many times the obstacle to going to market as a new Entrepreneur or Small Entity is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) required by most Dietary Supplement and Food Manufacturers. Here at Nutrition 50, we have the ability to help create your product completely turnkey. ( Formulation, packaging concepts, procurement, label design and regulatory compliance in […]

NSF to start offering hemp/CBD testing, certification

24-Sep-2019 By Hank Schultz

NSF International has unveiled a new certification program for the hemp industry, which the organization says will help address the ongoing quality questions in this sector.

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Nutrition 50 is currently writing SOP’s for several hemp product manufacturers. This article below is good news for the industry as […]